Mission of Love! 

A true story

“A Mission of Love” is a true story of two motorcyclists that are currently on a journey traveling to Lake Preston, South Dakota with a compelling mission, a pilgrimage!  

Eric Hedberg and dear friend David Sterling left Richmond Virginia on Friday morning June 22, 2018, riding their motorcycles across the United States heading West to honor Eric’s parents, with David leading the charge. For David, this journey is to celebrate and honor a great friend and spiritual father. Eric also on the trip to celebrate and honor his dad, spiritual father and great friend, Floyd Hedberg. Everyone knew Floyd as “FarFar”, who was a father to many. 

FarFar, when living traveled to Lake Preston, South Dakota every year for over 50 years to pheasant hunt and is now buried there, as it is where his original family and people are from. He had a special place that he would go to hunt and he always wore a special pair of boots to do so.  This pair of boots were recently recovered at the old home place on Staples Mills Rd in Richmond when the house was being cleared out by the family before the house is to be torn down for development. 

Upon finding this old worn out pair of boots, David knew in his heart what he had to do with them and with Eric by his side, they started this journey. Before leaving Richmond, they went to the resting place of Eric’s mother, “MarMar” at St. Thomas and gathered a piece of the earth there to take with them on this mission of love.

This is a worthy story of love, friendship, family, loyalty, and honor, and we here at WHAP will be following this great “Mission of Love” on the radio and via our webpage www.whapradio.com

The story will be updated as we get information about the trip, we will also be praying for Eric and David during their journey daily on

Coffee Chat each morning from 6:00AM – 8:00AM and also on Tuesday – Thursday from 1:00PM – 2:30PM on Kickstart Radio when we will call out each day and talk with Eric Hedberg about the trip.  

We invite you to tune in daily to find out where David and Eric are. We will post pictures and keep you up to date on this very heart felt story.

Written by: Tina Hazelwood


Cedar Rapids Sunset



Bridge over the Mississippi from the western side


Day 3 getting ready for the long ride into south dakota


Update June 29, 2018

Eric and David made it to South Dakota late Sunday night on June 24th after taking a 5 hour detour when they got lost. On Monday June 25th, they made their way to the cemetery to place the earth from MarMar's grave in Virginia with the earth at Farfar's grave in South Dakota along with ashes from the shop that David worked with FarFar in for over 40 years. David spelled out the word GOODBYE on the headstone in M&Ms, FarFar's favorite candy.  FarFar's boots were taken to the hunting lodge where he would always go to clean his catch, this is where the boots will rest.

On Tuesday David and Eric made their way to Sturgis and on Thursday they parted to go their separate ways. Eric will continue his journey that God has him on over the next few weeks, he has several stops he feels led to make along the way. He will continue to check in and send pictures. We will update this information as we get. Please keep he and David in your prayers during their travels. Thank you!