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The Latin Jazz & Salsa Show

"The  Latin Jazz and Salsa Show" was created and first produced on April 6,  2005, in the city of Richmond, Virginia, as the Latin Jazz Show.  Initially, the founder and host, "The Voice of Latin Jazz" Luis "Sweet  Lou" Hidalgo, was interested in buying advertising time on a local radio  station in the Richmond area for his family-owned and operated plumbing  company, Master and Sons Plumbing. While he was inquiring about buying  advertising time, a conversation was struck up between the station  owner, Mr. Brown, and Mr. Hidalgo, about buying air time, not just  advertising time. With no radio experience under his belt, but a  substantial knowledge of Latin music, Mr. Hidalgo decided to take on  this new venture, and so the Latin Jazz Show was born, airing for the  first time on April 6, 2005, on WCLM 1450 AM in the city of Richmond,  Virginia. In November 2012, the name of the show was changed to "The  Latin Jazz & Salsa Show with 'Sweet Lou' Hidalgo" and continues to  be a hit to this day. The Latin Jazz & Salsa festival in Richmond,  Virginia is a by-product of the show, and is held annually in Richmond,  showcasing international, national, and local Latin music recording  artists.  We at the latin Jazz and salsa show are honored to be part of the WHAP family once again  in in 2005 and 2006 we where broadcasted on WHAP for two years and our very first two festivals where held right here in the WHAP parking lot. 


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